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 About Me  

Hi!    I am Prav Kuchroo
I am four and half year old Kashmiri girl .
My B'day according to English calender is 5th January 1996. I belong to a Kashmiri family settled  in Bombay . I have never been to Kashmir but my Mom has promised me that she will take me some day .
Meet me

Am I not pretty.yes yes yes..


My mommy was born in Kashmir and she loves the place. She works on computers . Even I know computers pretty well . I can start up the machine and work on the software which mom has brought for me .I can even change the CD's in CDROM drive  and at the end shutdown the machine.
My Mom says that I am better than lots of grownup's .

My  Mommy

My dad works on ships . No he doesn't sail anymore but flies a lot . His work keeps him away from home for many days and me and mom miss him a lot . we would prefer papa stays in Bombay and comes home every evening but I understand . I am a very sensible girl according to my Mom.
Papa takes us for long drives and I enjoy them a lot.

My papa and me
 The latest entrant in our family is my cute li'l sister Gaha .She was born on 1st april 2000 and is very much a millinieum baby . She is beautiful and smiles a lot . As of now she is only two month . I LOVE HER a lot .She is like a dream come true for  me ,mom and dad so we call her our dream girl .

My kid sis dazzling Gaha

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